Return to Ride

SPINCO aims to be an industry leader in health & safety, going above and beyond what’s expected to ensure we're keeping our studios and community as safe as possible. Our Return to Ride committee includes our riders, healthcare professionals, peer fitness studios, and the Ministry of Health in each province. Our plan is not only in compliance with all local government regulations, but includes additional measures to ensure your safety.
During this time, we require riders to stick to their home studio and not travel between regions to visit another SPINCO that may be open or have greater class availability.

Cleaning, Sanitation, and Filtration

Enhanced cleaning solution
Before and after each class, the entire studio, shoes, equipment and waiting area are thoroughly sanitized with a peroxide-based solution, which is the most effective and quickest sanitizer in killing germs and virus.
Hospital-grade air purification
We’ve installed hospital-grade air purifiers to all of our studios, proven to filter all air within the room every 17-21 minutes. These purifiers have been proven to clean, purify, and re-energize the air through a comprehensive 6-stage filtration process.
Additional disinfectant available
Disinfectant wipes will also be available to riders to wipe your own bikes as an added measure of safety.


Screening riders before entry
All staff, instructors and riders will be required to check their temperatures and answer a COVID-19 screening questionnaire upon arrival at the studio. If one's temperature is above 38°C or fail the screening test, they will be asked to return home.
Face masks encouraged
Masks are strongly recommended before and after you clip in for your ride. Note: masks may be required based on the local jurisdiction.
Reducing high-touch contacts
Riders are encouraged to only bring essentials to the studio, as locker availability will be limited. Complementary supplies will be kept behind the desk, available on-request only.


Keeping your distance
Bike spacing in-studio will comply with applicable provincial distancing guidelines for high-intensity fitness. “Cheers” of water bottles, hugs, and high-fives will not be permitted – we wish we could, but it’s for the safety of all of us.
Running on time
We encourage riders to arrive at the studio no earlier than 10 minutes before class, enjoy the entire 50-minute ride (including cool-down) to allow for a safe, socially-distant exiting of the studio, and head out promptly after the ride. There will be a 0-minute policy for late entries. Once the class has started, no one will be permitted inside.
Contactless support
Our team and instructor will assist with bike setup from a safe distance to avoid contact with riders while wearing appropriate PPE.
We’ll be placing 2 and 3-pound weights on the back of all bikes, to prevent multi-touch of weights. If it’s not your ‘go-to’ weight, not to worry! You can always drop ‘em and go hands-free during the weight track, or use both!


Showers amenities
Shared shower amenities are available based on regional health guidelines, please contact your local studio for more information.
Retail shopping
Our retail merchandise will still be available for purchase on a cashless basis. We encourage you to avoid sifting through merchandise, and to “grab and go” when you find the item that you love! We won’t be accepting returns at this time.
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