First Ride

Get Ready!

15 minutes before your class check in at the front desk, our team will get you fitted for your shoes and confirm your bike number. We have onsite changerooms, complete with showers, for you to get ready in. We recommend clothes you're comfortable to sweat in!

Time to Ride!

5 minutes before the class starts the studio doors will open, find your bike by the number given to you by our front desk team. Don’t worry if you forget, just ask again, it always happens. Once you find your bike check to see if you have a pair of hand weights on the back that you’re comfortable with. Now it’s time to clip in and set up your bike, our team and instructor will be walking around to help you if you need it.

Book Your Next Class!

Congratulations on completing your first SPINCO ride! Progress is achieved through consistency and time, let’s keep the momentum going and book your next class. We’ve made it easy with three options to book.
  1. SPINCO App
  2. SPINCO Website
  3. At the Studio


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